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Whether relocating one person or a group of employees to Japan, a successful move will hinge on personalized and cost-effective destination services, clear communication, and access to local area expertise and knowledge. Relo Japan’s comprehensive relocation programs leave no stone unturned, allowing the employee a smooth transition into life in Japan and the ability to focus on their work-related responsibilities.


This program is tailor-made to suit the transferee’s individual needs. Detailed information on various aspects of expat life in the designated city is presented to allow the transferee to become familiar with the customs and culture and to identify any potential issues before officially accepting the assignment in Japan.

We will accompany you on a tour of the most popular expat neighborhoods while showing you a selection of the properties that most closely match your requirements. We will also arrange and accompany to appointments to view schools or clubs/organizations as required.


Relo Japan specializes in the pre-screening of suitable properties from multiple agents to ensure that transferees have the greatest possible market access at the time of their relocation to Japan. This guarantees that time is spent viewing only the properties which most closely match the transferee’s personal needs and requirements.

As a first step, transferees will be asked to complete a needs analysis which will be reviewed in detail by their relocation consultant. At the initial meeting before the tour, the ‘Relo Japan Homefinding Presentation’ will answer any lingering questions and encompass the following:

    • Geographical orientation and neighborhood overview
    • Review of critical decision-making components
    • Explanation of the entire process from choosing a home to the move-in day

Once the new home has been selected, Relo Japan will represent the client’s best interests to negotiate favorable financial conditions and pre-negotiate any irregular contract terms to meet corporate HR standard requirements.

Before the contract start date, Relo Japan will coordinate utility connections and assist with such matters as Internet connection and Cable/Satellite TV options. On the move-in day we provide an accompanied move-in inspection to document the original state of the property and ensure that the tenant’s responsibilities according to the rental contract, maintenance contact points and appliances are fully explained.


Once you have moved into your new home, our Settling-In Program is essential in ensuring a quick and stress-free transition to daily life in Japan, and the very best commencement to your assignment in Japan

Our experience in the relocation industry shows us that single transferees are the most self-sufficient and that and those with families accompanying need the most care. As such, we have designed three separate settling-in programs for singles, couples, and families that cater to these differing needs. Items included in the Settling-In Programs are as follows :

    • Accompanied visit to the Ward/City Office to apply for Alien Registration
    • Accompanied visit to the Immigration Office to apply for Re-entry Permit
    • Accompanied assistance with opening a bank account and applying for a Japanese credit card
    • Accompanied city tour to introduce popular expat facilities and shopping areas, orientation to public transportation, introduction to medical clinics with English assistance available, etc.
    • Scheduling of appointments and accompanied school visits
    • Spousal Support Session
    • Life in Japan presentation


Upon completion of the Japan assignment, this program offers comprehensive closure of all accounts and services, ensuring that no unnecessary additional charges are incurred after the transferee leaves Japan. Special attention is placed on the maximum return of security deposits and to ensuring the smooth completion of the Japan assignment and re-entry into the home country.

Whether relocating one person or a group of employees to Japan, a successful move will hinge on personalized and cost-effective destination services, clear communication, and access to local area expertise and knowledge. Relo Japan’s comprehensive relocation programs leave no stone unturned, allowing the employee a smooth transition into life in Japan and the ability to focus on their work-related responsibilities.


Relo Japan assists with all aspects of immigration to take the stress and guesswork out of this critical step in the relocation process. Detailed advice as to the necessary documents for the various applications is provided as early in the relocation as possible to ensure a speedy and smooth return of long term visas. The most common immigration services provided for transferees and their dependents are as follows:

    • Certificate of Eligibility (COE)
    • Change of Status (using COE)
    • Application for extension of stay
    • Change to new visa status

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Relo Japan offers comprehensive lease management services for corporations with multiple transferees. Total-support programs can be tailor-made to meet the different needs of each client and decrease the workload of clients’ on-site HR staff.


Relo Japan’s expense management services work in cooperation with Sumitomo Mitsui’s online banking system to provide our clients with greater efficiency for the often tedious tasks of utility and rent payments for their transferees. The program includes comprehensive reporting of all Japan-related expenses, allowing transferees and local HR staff to focus solely on their work-related responsibilities.


Worried about how to get from the airport to your hotel or new home with young children and lots of luggage? Leave it to us to make arrangements for comfortable and chauffeured transportation from the airport to your destination.


This program assists with renewing property leases for those transferees that remain in Japan on assignment for longer than the initial 2-year contract term.

Lease renewal assistance includes the following:

    • Confirmation of requests for the new contract term with the company/transferee
    • Negotiation of monthly rent and special requests
    • Thorough checking of contract terms and conditions and negotiation of irregular articles
    • Coordination of contract signing and provision of renewal fee invoices (where applicable)


A serviced apartment is often the most cost-effective option for the company for those transferees on short-term assignments to Japan. Serviced apartments are also an ideal solution for those that require accommodation for the period between arrival in Japan and when they can move into their long-term housing. Relo Japan provides information on available options that match the transferee’s needs and budget requirements and will coordinate lease applications and contract processing upon selection.


This is an essential service for transferees as they settle into new and unfamiliar surroundings, a new language and culture. This service provides added support and confidence when you face challenging times during your Japan relocation. By calling one of the 24-hour service numbers provided, transferees and their family members will have instant access to a bilingual relocation consultant to assist them with the following:

    • Answers to questions and assistance with solving problems
    • Offer advice and suggestion of alternatives
    • Source critical goods or materials
    • Response to concierge inquiries (during regular office hours)
    • Make arrangements on your behalf
    • Offer on-the-spot interpretation
    • Respond to emergencies and urgent matters


This is becoming an increasingly important issue for expatriates in Japan, due to a traffic law change in June 2002 that makes it illegal for foreigners to drive in Japan for more than 12 months on an International Driving Permit (IDP). According to Japanese Law, all foreigners living in Japan for more than 12 months must now convert their overseas license to a Japanese license to drive legally.

As a recognized source of information for the foreign community by the Tokyo US Embassy, we are confident that Relo Japan’s experienced consultants will be able to help you solve your conversion eligibility and documentation issues by providing you with straight answers and solutions to ensure that you will not be rejected at the License Center on your application day. Should your nationality require a road test, our online simulation of the actual test course provides you with comprehensive training and hints as to exactly what you need to do during the test to increase your chances of passing on the very first attempt.


A full day business-focused session designed for the newcomer to Japan to enable a smoother adjustment into the culture and customs of their new working environment. The session explains cultural tendencies in detail and provides the transferee with the practical training necessary for business success in Japan.


Unavoidable changes in circumstances over the assignment period may see the need for the transferee to move to a new residence. Any move, whether international or domestic, requires a high level of coordination and organization and Relo Japan can foresee all the necessary items relating to moving residence in Japan. We take charge to ensure that the move is completed with as little stress and cost incurred to the company or individual as possible and that you can remain focused on your work-related responsibilities.


Japan is a dynamic country, and your assignment could well take you to a remote part of this island nation. Relo Japan is unique among relocation companies in Japan in that we have offices in both Tokyo and Nagoya and can service remote locations to assist with all your relocation related matters. We provide a one-stop solution to those companies with business interests and employees throughout the country and ensure a smooth relocation, no matter where your assignment may take you.


Our Pregnancy Support Comprehensive Package and Baby Registration & Visa Support Package smoothly guide the client through the necessary procedures, before and after giving birth in Japan. Services Not Available in All Areas